Top Tips For Hereitage Home Renovations In Ottawa

Expert Advice From Your Ottawa Home Renovations Team

When it comes to heritage home renovations Ottawa can’t be beat. Renovating a heritage home is an exciting project, but depending on the home’s size and condition, it can be a daunting project. There’s a lot to take into consideration before you get started. Doing your homework will help you avoid costly mistakes.

When in doubt, your Ottawa home renovations team can help figure out where to start and how best to approach a heritage home renovation. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Get a Permit

Ottawa home renovations experts recommend applying for a permit prior to starting work on your heritage home. This ensures that your renovations adhere to guidelines and regulations, saving you from potentially costly penalties, and guarantees that heritage features are being restored properly and treated respectfully.

Understand Heritage Bylaws

The heritage bylaws for your property were drafted and approved by Ottawa’s municipal council when the property was given heritage status. Familiarize yourself with the relevant bylaws and have copies on hand, as they outline the heritage-specific features of the home, including historical facts and characteristics.

In most cases, these are exterior features, such as window openings, stone wall massing, roof line details or other ornamental aspects. They can also include interior features like stairways, wood trim, and any other ornate or historical craftsmanship.

Bylaws permit some modifications. As long as you don’t demolish, remove, or hide heritage features, your proposed work should get the stamp of approval.

Hire an Experienced Contractor

You got your permit and have familiarized yourself with the property’s heritage bylaw. Now it’s time to do the actual work! Unless you have a lot of experience restoring heritage homes, you’ll want to consider hiring a professional Ottawa home renovations contractor.

Contractors with experience restoring heritage homes will bring priceless knowledge to the table such as where to source material or similar products that were used for the original build. They’ll also know which suppliers to hire get the job done.

You should also consider hiring a contractor with an existing relationship with the Heritage Committee. Their past work and reputation may lend your project credibility and can help with a faster permit review and approval process.

Renovating a heritage property is much harder if your home was damaged by fire or water, compromising the structural foundation. Restoration experts have the experience and equipment to safely deal with mould, asbestos and other potential hazards that may lay hidden.

Rigorous planning, detailed research, and hiring the experts will get your Ottawa home renovations project off to a great start! Restore your heritage home to its original beauty for many years of comfort and enjoyment.

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