Ottawa Winter Window Repair Basics

Stay Warm During The Cold Winter Months

Drafty windows might not be a big issue in July, but when the snow starts to fly, you’re going to notice it. A cold draft doesn’t just let the cold air in—it lets the warm air out. As anyone who’s experienced an Ottawa winter can attest, there’s nothing worse than a chill in your home. When it comes to window repair Ottawa residents should trust in professional services to ensure their home is ready for winter.

Preventing drafts with window repairs doesn’t just keep you comfortable; it can also help you save on energy bills by preventing lost heat. Here are a few things you can check to see if it’s time for window repairs before an Ottawa winter settles in:


The first thing to check on your windows is the seal. They should have a secure seal around their entire perimeter. This will ensure that there are no leaks, allowing drafts in and letting hot air escape. Deteriorating caulking, rotted wood, and cracked glass are all good signs that your windows may have sealing problems. Preventing these leaks and drafts will save your home’s temperature and your wallet.


Another sure-fire way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your home’s furnace is to replace summer screens with their glass-pane counterparts. Again, check for any cracks before putting the glass panes in, but this should work wonders for your home.

Window Film or Storm Windows

Do you have year-round storm windows? They’re a reliable way to protect and insulate against drafts, an ideal upgrade if you’ve got single-pane windows. Low emissivity (low-E) glass and film applications are also a great way to help prevent heat loss. Make sure that any window film you install covers the entire window surface for optimal results.

Winter Decor

Adding a touch of winter style to your windows can also help prevent drafts while you wait for window repairs. Heavy lined drapes for your windows can help add an extra layer of warmth and protection. While drapes won’t actively prevent drafts, they help mitigate heat loss until the professionals can get the job done. Plus, once the windows are repaired, that extra layer will continue to help. An added bonus: this is a great way to change up your home’s decor for the season.

Ensuring your windows are draft-free can be a frustrating job, which is why it’s best to trust window repair professionals to get the job done. As you can see, though, there’s still a lot you can do to help prevent heat loss before the experts arrive—keep warm in the winter months, and invest in Ottawa window repairs today!

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