Residential Water Damage Restoration

Professional Residential Water Damage Restoration Services

While nobody wants to deal with water damage, it’s often unavoidable. Whether your home has been damaged by a flood, a leak, or an act of nature, you should never put off seeking out professional water damage restoration services. The certified professionals at SPOT Maintenance will give you the best possible experience by responding to your water damage needs using the industry’s best products and techniques.

Damage from water and subsequent bacteria growth can begin within hours, which is why taking immediate action when dealing with excess water in your home is critical. If not taken care of immediately, water damage in your home can lead to a wide range of additional issues, including electrical hazards, structural damage, and damage to furniture and valuables. It can also lead to the growth of hazardous mold. To avoid irreparable damage to your home, severe complications, secondary damages, and disruptive, costly repairs, call our professionals specializing in water damage restoration as soon as possible.

What Kind of Water Damage Restoration Do We Handle?

SPOT Maintenance can take care of water damage restoration in Ottawa, regardless of what caused it and the size of the job.

We’re familiar with the following causes of water damage and more:

How Do We Do It?

Every restoration project is different, and the experts at SPOT Maintenance are highly trained to work around your specific needs. Our staff have access to industry-leading products and techniques to assist them in removing water from your home quickly and efficiently. In addition to extracting water and moisture from your home, we also ensure that your home and belongings are dried thoroughly.

The tools we use to accomplish this include the following:

Working with professional water damage restoration services will save you time, money, and can even benefit your insurance claim. And better yet, all of our staff are uniformed, bonded, insured and hold security clearance; references are available upon request.


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