Home Drywall Installation Basics

What You Need To Know About Home Drywall Installation

Drywall installation requires patience and keen attention to detail. When installing drywall, you’ve got to consider many factors before you can even begin the time-consuming process necessary for a high-quality finish and look. Avoiding imperfections is a must, especially those that will only stand out more after a fresh coat of paint. That’s why you should consider contacting a drywall installation expert in Ottawa – not only will they be able to install drywall quickly and efficiently, they’ll go above and beyond to provide the quality you expect.

When planning your home renovations, here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to drywall installation:

Common Drywall Features

Local building codes determine the type of material and necessary thickness when installing drywall. Drywall installation experts will be able to provide insight into suitable materials to use for your home. Understanding what you need out of the material is a necessary first step. Drywall boards frequently include some of the following features:[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-right” icon_color=”#ED760D”]

  • Varying thickness, depending on job needs (thinner boards for cracks and thicker boards for different wall framing spans)
  • Fire-resistant 5/8-inch for residential firewalls—found, for example, on garage walls and walls separating the home from the garage
  • Water-resistant walling and ceiling materials for high-humidity areas, such as bathrooms
  • Mold-resistant drywall for damp areas, such as the basement[/su_list]

When in doubt, ask a drywall installation expert for their recommendations and suggestions. They’ll be able to help you find the right product for your needs.

Drywall Installation Safety

Since electrical wires run through the walls of our homes, it is important to be of their location when installing drywall—a pierced wire is a fire hazard. It is also important to check for damage before installing new drywall. There can be moisture and water damage in the walls, or other structural damage that can be a hazard when installing drywall. Drywall installation experts will inspect for damage and carefully work around your home’s wiring, and use all necessary precautions when installing the new drywall in your home.

After drywall is safely installed, it must be mudded and taped. Once the mud has dried, it can be sanded for a smooth and even finish. From the first steps of installation to the final sanding, drywall installation experts in Ottawa will give your home the professionally finished look you want.

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