Commercial Bathroom Renovations in Ottawa Are Worth It

Bathroom Renovations Improve Appearance, Add Cost-Effective Features, And Increase Accessibility And Inclusivity

As a business owner, commercial bathroom maintenance and remodeling might not top your list of priorities, but that doesn’t mean you should just forget about it entirely. Bathroom renovations in Ottawa businesses have a number of clear benefits.

While bathroom renovations and remodeling in Ottawa may have an associated upfront cost, there are many ways to turn this expense into an investment.

If your business’ facilities haven’t been updated within the past few years, here are a few more reasons why you may want to consider it:

Improved Look And Appearance

First of all, your office building or retail space is not just a workplace, it’s a reflection of your company. If your facilities are untidy, run down and outdated, your customers and clients will take notice—not to mention your staff who have to deal with these facilities on a daily basis. Not only can bathroom renovations in Ottawa help impress your guests and boost your reputation, they will also increase the value of your space should you ever need to sell.

Save Money

In the past few years there has been much technological advancement to bathroom fixtures that make them more cost-effective than ever, and this provides an opportunity to use your bathroom renovations in Ottawa as a way to save on everyday costs. In order maximize your dollar, look for fixtures like automatic sinks, soap dispensers and/or toilets. Utilities with automatic sensors will save money by turning off when they are not in use and, as a bonus, are also more sanitary for users.


Gender-neutral bathrooms are a hot topic as of late and many businesses and institutions have pledged to offer more of these facilities. These gender-neutral or unisex restrooms are important because they provide a space for people who may not be comfortable using a specifically designated men’s or women’s washroom.  People who may not feel comfortable using a designated bathroom include those who:

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-right” icon_color=”#ED760D”]

  • Are gender non-conforming;
  • Do not identify as either male or female; or
  • Have parents, caregivers, or personal attendants who are a different gender from them.[/su_list]

Regardless of the reason, having or installing a gender-neutral restroom is an easy way to make your business more inclusive and more accessible to anyone who visits your commercial space.

When you’re working within a budget, it can be hard to shell out money for seemingly superfluous expenses like bathroom renovations, but the truth is, when done right, the investment you make can add value to your business and help create a space that is welcoming for clients, customers, and employees.

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