Residential Carpet Cleaning

We Make Your Carpets Look Good as New!

It’s no secret that carpeted floors can be a headache to maintain. Every homeowner has, at some point, gleefully imagined tearing out their carpets and replacing them with hardwood. But before you invest in a brand-new floor, consider this: SPOT Maintenance offers exceptional carpet cleaning in Ottawa. This means you can wave goodbye to stains, grime, and even allergens trapped in the fibers of your carpet, and say hello to a fresh carpet that feels like new.

How Do We Do Carpet Cleaning?

Our Ottawa carpet cleaning specialists employ a steam cleaning method that uses incredibly hot water and special cleaning products to loosen up dirt, stains, and anything else that has been trapped in your carpet. This works more quickly and effectively than a traditional shampooing. Whether it’s a spot job for the leftover wine stain from your last dinner party or making sure your children have a clean carpet to play on, our steam cleaners are up to the task. Once the steam has done its job, all the dirt is vacuumed out, leaving your carpet cleaner than ever.

Why Hire Us?

By hiring a professional to do your carpet cleaning for you, you’re ensuring that it’s done right, every time. Our experts have extensive training and know how to deal with special cases, and have more experience than you can shake a dirty rug at! The SPOT Maintenance team is made up of industry professionals you can trust–all our staff are uniformed, bonded, insured and hold security clearance. References are even available upon request.

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