Beautiful Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Revitalize Your Floors with Hardwood Refinishing

Hardwood floors are a beautiful thing, but they also see a lot of hard use. For this reason, they are coated in a protective finish when they’re installed. That way, day-to-day things like shifting furniture and forgetting to take your shoes off will scratch the finish, while the wood underneath is protected. Your floor’s finish also gives it an attractive lustre that brings out the best in the wood’s colour and natural texture.

Why Do I Need My Floors Refinished?

Over time, the protective layer of finish on your floor wears down, and the wood beneath becomes exposed. When this happens, your floor begins to lose its shine, can become discoloured, and is more vulnerable to scratches and other damage to the wood itself. Hardwood floor refinishing is a process by which the remaining finish is gently stripped away, the wood is smoothed and cleaned, any imperfections are tended to, and a new layer of finish is applied. Just how dark the finish will be is up to you.

Why Choose SPOT Maintenance?

When it comes to protecting the investment that is your beautiful hardwood floors, you don’t want to entrust it to just anyone. Our experienced and professional staff will evaluate your floor, suggest the proper course of action, and work tirelessly to make sure that your floors look as good as new. When you choose SPOT Maintenance for hardwood floor refinishing, you’re choosing quality, commitment, and attention to detail. All of our staff are uniformed, bonded, insured and hold security clearance. References are available upon request.


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