Drywall Repair

Reliable Drywall Repair Services

When your drywall has seen better days, who will you call? Holes, cracks, tears, moisture damage, warping… sadly, these things happen. And when you don’t immediately address the issues in your drywall, you’re inviting things to get worse over time. Don’t sit idly by while your walls fall apart—call SPOT Maintenance for drywall repair in Ottawa! Our repair experts will take the time to properly diagnose the damage your drywall has suffered, identifying problems areas and determining the best ways to repair or, if need be, replace it.

Better than DIY

Some minor drywall repairs can be performed yourself, but it’s a very volatile process—the smallest flaws will reveal themselves again and again, becoming visible blemishes even when covered in paint or wallpaper. Performing repairs properly is a matter of skill, know-how, and having the right tools. To ensure the best results while preventing potentially costly mistakes, your best bet is to trust the professionals. In addition, our team of experts will professionally match the paint of your walls to your satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?

The SPOT Maintenance team are experts in all things drywall! From installing fresh drywall to diagnosing damage and performing drywall repair in Ottawa, we do it all. All of our staff are uniformed, bonded, insured and hold security clearance; references are available upon request. If you’ve got a drywall problem, call us, and we’ll help you makes your walls like new again.


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