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Exterior house painting in Ottawa is best left until autumn.

The Best Season For Exterior House Painting

Why Painting Your Home In Autumn Will Get You Better Results

With autumn just around the corner, many homeowners are wondering when the exterior of their house should be painted. Many think that exterior painting is best done in the summer, when in reality moderate temperatures are best for painting outside; when the weather is too hot, the coating dries too quickly and leaves brush marks. It can also cause paint not to adhere properly to the surface. For these reasons, professional exterior house painting in Ottawa is best done between September and late October.

You will obtain the best results if you paint your house in autumn thanks to the lower humidity and moisture in the air. Beyond that, cooler temperatures make it much easier to work outside, whether you’re doing the painting or contractors are doing it for you. Although you may be tempted to paint in the late spring, the season gets far more unpredictable weather, including very warm days, heavy winds, and intermittent rain.

If you are painting your home’s exterior this year, you might find the flowing tips useful:

  • Get expert advice: Whether you want to do it yourself or hire a local contractor, it helps to seek expert advice before you start.
  • Preparation: Preparation is essential to successful exterior painting. Cleaning and sanding should be done before you start your project.
  • Temperature: Most painters agree that it all comes down to temperature. Do not wait too long before you decide.
  • Paint quality: The quality of your paint is an important factor for longevity and lasting results.

It is important to prepare the surface you intend to paint beforehand. The first step is to clean and seal areas that show signs of gaps or cracks in the existing caulk. If you want to paint early in the morning, you should remember to wipe the surface you’ll be working on with a rag or towel to remove any moisture that may have settled in overnight. It also helps to start painting later in the day to allow the paint time to dry and reduce the chance of early moisture.

If you are planning to paint your home, you are no doubt looking for something that will last. This too comes down to weather. Depending on when you chose to paint your house, the paint might start flaking, cracking, or peeling off. This is due to poor bonding and drying of the paint. To prevent this, have a discussion with your contractor about the durability of the paint and what options you have to keep your house looking great for years to come.

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