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Hardwood floor refinishing in Ottawa is a great way to bring a new look to a favourite room.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors in Style

The Benefits Of Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a beautiful finishing touch found in many Ottawa homes. Similar to wall colour, hardwood floors make a room’s décor really stand out when done right. Unfortunately, as time goes on, the regular wear and tear of moving around can really scuff up your floors. If the hardwood is still in good condition but needs a makeover, consider refinishing your hardwood floors instead of replacing them.

There are companies who specialize in hardwood floor refinishing in Ottawa who can help you get your floors back to beautiful. Consider the following benefits of refinishing when planning your hardwood floor makeover:

Refinishing Saves Money

Refinishing hardwood floors is much cheaper than replacing them. Wood can be very expensive, especially when you need a lot of wood to cover the floor space of your home. It also requires far more labour to replace hardwood floors. There are more physically demanding stages to replacement – just hauling out the old wood and bringing in the new is pretty demanding. If you’re trying to come up with a budget, contact an Ottawa hardwood floor refinishing professional. They can give you helpful advice and a quote for the job.

Décor Options

The best part about refinishing hardwood floors is that you get to experiment with stain colours and choose the right look while in your home. Instead of choosing the wood at a store and wondering if it will look good in your home, you can sample the stain colours on your unfinished floors. If your floors don’t match throughout your home, you can refinish them in the same stain—or not. It’s up to you! The stain colour options, whether light or dark, are sure to make the rest of your room look amazing once the floors are refinished.

Often, people rip up carpeting in their homes to discover hardwood floors underneath. The hardwood is usually in good condition but looks dull. If your hardwood is still in good condition, and doesn’t warrant a replacement, then you should consider refinishing your floors. Refinishing will make a huge difference in the appearance of your home and the size of your wallet.

Tip: If you’re worried about scuffing up your shiny, newly refinished floors, consider placing area rugs under the furniture that you move around often, such as your couch, coffee table, or bed. Area rugs can also add to the décor of a room, and complement your beautiful hardwood floors.

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