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Duct cleaning in Ottawa is a necessity, and here's what you need to know about it.

Duct Cleaning Deceptions

Keep An Eye Out For This Poor Duct Cleaning Advice

There are common misconceptions and bad advice that can really add to the hassle of duct cleaning. For example, a quick vacuum on the exterior of your vents will NOT clean your ducts, but some scam contractors might charge you for that service. If your home or business has recently been renovated, been near construction (familiar to any Ottawa resident), had an animal or pest infestation, or if you have mold in your ducts, then professional duct cleaning is necessary. Duct cleaning should also be done often—at least once a year—for people with allergies and asthma, and once every few years for homes without pets and smokers. To make sure that you get professional service and advice, consult with duct cleaning professionals in Ottawa to get a quote for your home or business.

Here’s some all-too-common bad advice when it comes to duct cleaning:

“Cleaning ducts will eliminate and prevent all dust.”

Dust is everywhere, at all times, and is completely unavoidable. Getting your ducts cleaned will not prevent dust—it will get rid of the existing dust build-up in your ducts and vents. This will prevent dust from blowing out of your vents, but nothing will stop dust from forming.

“It will only cost you $40…”

Duct cleaning estimates vary, but you can rest assured that this service will never cost this little. Accurate estimates are a good indicator of a company’s expertise and professionalism. A professional and thorough duct cleaning service in Ottawa will take at least few hours and will have a more realistic estimate based on work rates and the scale of the job. In the event that you are given a very low offer, there is likely a catch…

“…but it looks like you have mold.”

…the catch being that you have mold and it will now cost you much more for removal services. Beware of scam contractors who try to bait you with a low cost, and then add on a bunch of extra costs. They will sometimes even bring in mold to convince you. Professional duct cleaners will give you a view of the ducts if you ask. So, if you’re skeptical, make sure to ask to see if there’s actually mold in more than one spot.

“We need to spray these chemicals to prevent mold.”

If duct cleaning is done properly, no chemicals should be sprayed into your ducts. These antimicrobial chemicals can be harmful to you and the air quality of your home or business. A proper duct cleaning will scrub and clean away any mold build-up, preventing more from growing.

If it’s been a while since—or you can’t remember when—you had your ducts cleaned, contact duct cleaning professionals in Ottawa for a quote. The professionals will thoroughly clean and inspect your ducts and HVAC system, and can show you the finished work if you ask. You can avoid scams by talking to the pros.

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