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Pressure washing can clean things that your standard garden hose can't, and has more uses than you may have thought.

Uncommon Pressure Washing Uses

Summer Cleaning Jobs Made Easy With Pressure Washing

Summer heat in Ottawa has made it a perfect time to get busy around the house, whether in the garden, washing the car, or fixing the deck. Over the course of the year, grit and grime can build up, which means it’s time for a good wash – a pressure wash! Pressure washing is commonly used to remove old layers of paint or to clean gritty surfaces that a standard hose has little effect on. But there’s more to them than that – a lot more.

Ottawa residents use pressure washing for a variety of reasons. Pressure washers can be used on lighter settings to wash vinyl siding on a house, or to remove built-up oil stains from concrete and similar surfaces. Pressure washing is also extremely useful for graffiti removal, with less risk of over-cleaning and damage compared to sandblasting the same surfaces.

Grill cleaning

Everyone has a favourite barbecue sauce, rub, or seasoning they like to use, but there are certain seasonings you don’t want: the grit and grime left behind at the end of every grilling season. Instead of reaching for chemicals and a rag when cleaning your grill, try pressure washing. A pressure washer can make short work of tricky grime that’s been cooked onto metal. Using a pressure washer at lower pressures can really speed up the process.

Lawnmower care

Pressure washing can also be used to clean off yard equipment like lawnmowers or weed whackers. Low or medium-pressure settings will give great results when removing accumulated clippings and dust. Just keep clear and let it all dry out, and you may find a pressure wash can improve the performance of the equipment.

Compost cleaning

A common sight in Ottawa, green bins for compost wind up with bad smells and a built-up mess. Try using a pressure washer on the interior to really give your green bin a fresh start. Alternatively, if you’ve got a metal trash can, give it the pressure washer treatment for similar results.

Of course, the best way to see what a pressure washer can do for you is to give it a go yourself. Professional Ottawa companies provide the expertise and experience needed for optimal results – give one a call today and see for yourself!

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