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Pressure washing in Ottawa can be used to renew the look of commercial buildings and remove unsightly stains and even graffiti.

Pressure Washing vs. Repainting a Commercial Building

Pressure Washing Services In Ottawa Can Improve The Look Of A Building While Saving You Money

Many environmental factors can make the exterior of a building look dirty and dull over time. While repainting the building may seem like the best solution, power pressure washing is a cheaper alternative that can provide the same results as repainting. Commercial pressure washing services in Ottawa will clean your building, restoring it to its original look and colour. If the exterior of your building needs an improvement, consider the following comparisons of repainting and pressure washing.


Get your home looking like new without having to mess around with paint. Pressure washing in Ottawa can be used to remove built-up dust, dirt, and pollen that accumulates season-to-season. In fact, in some cases, pressure washing is the only option for removing difficult dirt build-up. Pressure washing is also extremely effective at removing the nests of various pests and insects quickly and efficiently. Pressure washing a building’s exterior is often the first step taken before painting, but sometimes all a building needs is a good wash to renew its visual appeal.

Stain Removal

In the case of hard-to-clean stains from rust, leaves, dirt, or water, effective cleaning products can be used during the pressure washing services. Stains can be removed just as effectively from pressure washing as from repainting, but in less time and at a fraction of the cost.


Commercial building exteriors have many types of surfaces that require different types of paint. Painting a building is already expensive, but it can be even costlier depending on the type of paint you need. Regardless of the surface material—stucco, concrete, brick, vinyl, aluminum, or wood siding—pressure washing will do the trick without the extra costs.


As mentioned before, pressure washing is much cheaper than repainting the exterior of a commercial building. Not only does repainting require more time and labour, but it also requires more supplies, including a pressure washer! The time and cost of repainting is significantly higher than pressure washing alone, and will give your building similar results.

If the exterior of your commercial building is in need of an improvement, consider pressure washing to clean away the stains and dirt before you decide to repaint. Pressure washing experts in Ottawa will show you just how clean your building can be without the added costs of painting. You might be surprised by the results!

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