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The Major Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Ottawa Duct Cleaning Services Can Clear the Air and Save You Money

How often do you consider the condition of your ducts? If you’ve recently moved into a new home or own a business that has moved into a new office space, now would be the perfect time think about some duct maintenance. Additionally, any space that has recently undergone renovations, asbestos removal, or where the air quality is generally poor, could benefit from calling an Ottawa duct cleaning service for an inspection. There are many benefits to having clean and clear ductwork, including reduced HVAC costs, improved air quality, and more.

Do I Need My Ducts Cleaned?

If you’re unsure about whether or not a duct cleaning will benefit you, then it never hurts to have an inspection performed to cover all of your bases. However, there are a few definite ways to tell for sure if it’s time to get a cleaning done. As we mentioned before, recent renovations or asbestos removal work offers good reason to consider this service. Another clear indicator that you require a duct cleaning is visible mold growth around your ductwork or vent grilles. If there is a major build-up of dust and debris that is obviously visible, you can bet that there’s even more build-up where you can’t see. Animal infestations are another good sign, as is frequent allergy symptoms even when inside.

Cleaner Air

A commonly-used comparison is that your ducts are your home or office’s respiratory system—they cycle the air of your home or office from room to room. If the airways in your body are blocked, you’ll have difficulty breathing. Your home or office is no different. Dust, contaminants, and debris inside your ducts will be cycled into the same air that you breathe. For people with allergies, this can be especially troublesome—imagine being allergic to cats, and moving into a house where the ducts are chock full of the previous occupant’s cat dander! Calling on professional duct cleaning services can clear the offensive cat hair out of your duct system so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Improved Efficiency

In most modern buildings, the same ducts that circulate air through your home are connected to the heating and cooling systems, using temperature-controlled air to regulate temperature conditions in your home. For a variety of reasons, an astounding amount of the energy being used to heat and cool your home or office often goes to waste. Common reasons for this include poor insulation, drafts in windows and doors, and—you guessed it—dirty ducts!

If your ductwork is congested, it could prevent your heating and cooling systems from operating at full efficiency, and your electricity company doesn’t particularly care if the power you’re using is going to waste—they’re still charging you for it. A quick call to an experienced and trustworthy Ottawa duct cleaning service can pay for itself over and over again, saving you money on your energy bill every month.

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