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Is Your Carpet Really Clean?

7 Things That Can Grow in Your Carpet Without Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your carpet is one of those chores that you know should be done, but it seems like a hassle. After all, with regular vacuuming, how dirty could it really get? Unfortunately, it can get very dirty—your carpet attracts various kinds of mold and dirt that you probably would rather lived somewhere else. Luckily, there are many professional carpet cleaning services available to Ottawa residents that can keep parasites and mold from finding a home in your carpet.

Here are 7 things that can grow in your carpet when it hasn’t been properly cleaned

  1. Do you or your family suffer from allergy symptoms when you’re home? It might be because of what is living in your carpet. Stachybotrys chartarum is a mold that grows on wet carpeting and can cause dermatitis, mucosal irritation, and immunosuppression. If you do experience flooding, a large spill, or have carpeting in a damp area of the home (such as your bathroom or basement), your carpet is even more likely to attract this type of mold.
  2. Fleas love living in your carpet, wet or dry! They thrive in warm, dry environments while looking for damp, warm areas to lay their eggs. If your pet has fleas, it is important to seek carpet cleaning services to eliminate a possible flea infestation. Your furry friend will thank you!
  3. Carpet easily traps dust, pet fur, pollen from open windows, and other allergens. With a proper, regular carpet cleaning, the air quality of your home is greatly improved and you’ll be less likely to experience those frustrating allergy symptoms in your home.
  4. Carcinogens from cigarette smoke can build up in your carpet. Consider all the time that pets and small children spend on the floor–they may be at risk for developing lung cancer from breathing the air so close to the carpet. This is a frightening risk, and can be avoided by calling in the professionals to give your carpet a proper cleaning on a regular basis.
  5. Dust mite allergies are a common household allergy that many people live with. Dust mites thrive in humid, warm environments, making your carpet a hot bed for these allergy-inducing creatures. They survive off dead skin cells that accumulate in carpeting. Although regular vacuuming is one way to combat this allergen, vacuuming can encourage dust to fly into the air before resettling in your cozy carpet. A regular deep cleaning will reduce your dust mite allergy symptoms.
  6. Bed bugs find their home in more places than your mattress. They can survive in carpets as well as floor boards. If your home has these unwelcome visitors, proper carpet cleaning is necessary to help fight an infestation.
  7. We all know the “five second rule” when food falls on the floor. Sadly, this rule is a myth. Bacteria can live in carpeting for up to four weeks and is automatically transferred to anything that touches it. It’s important to always wash or throw away food that has fallen on the ground. A carpet-cleaning quote from the professional helps keep your carpet clean and bacteria-free.

With pets, children, spills, and water damage, your carpet can take a beating from daily use. This is why carpet cleaning in Ottawa (and elsewhere) is so important. At least once a year, you should get a quote from professionals you trust. Maintain the health of your carpet, as well as the health of your family, with a scheduled cleaning—you’ll breathe easier knowing your carpet is mold and parasite free!

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