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Home renovations in Ottawa can add value for resale.

Boost Property Value With Home Renovations

Reliable Home Renovations That Will Add Value To Your Home

Any home renovation project will add value to your home, especially if the renovations improve the overall look and function of your home. In a housing market as stable and steady as Ottawa’s, it’s key for your home to stand out against the crowd if you want to make a sale. If you are considering renovating your home to add value, contact the professionals in home renovations in Ottawa. They can help you decide which parts of your home need upgrading. The following are some of the top home renovation projects that will add value to your home:

Finished Basement Suite

A finished basement with a full bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom(s) is sure to add value to your home because it can be rented out, providing owners with extra income. Even a finished basement, with or without a bathroom and bedroom, will add value to a home because it adds extra living space. If you wind up choosing not to sell, you’re able to enjoy the benefits of these spaces yourself!

Modern Kitchen

A renovated kitchen with modern appliances, lighting, fixtures, counter space, backsplash, paint, and cabinetry will add significant value to your home. Potential buyers will be looking for upgraded kitchens with modern décor and minimal wear and tear. If you want to add extra value to your home, include the appliances in the sale of your home. Modern appliances will boost the final sale price.

Added Bathroom/Bathroom Expansion

Adding a three-piece bathroom to your home or expanding an existing small bathroom is another clear way to add value to your home. If you have one three-piece bathroom on the top floor of your home, consider adding another bathroom in the basement. If your space is limited or you can’t quite justify a full three-piece bathroom, adding a stand-up shower also adds value. If the space in your home permits, you can also expand on an existing powder room with the addition of a shower, or expand the main bathroom for a luxurious bathroom space.

Modern Lights and Fixtures

Upgrading the lights and fixtures in your home will improve the overall appearance of your home and increase its value. The best part of this renovation? It’s a relatively inexpensive one that won’t cause your home to be turned upside down, nor does it have the same footprint as a larger job. Modern cabinet hardware, light fixtures, sink faucets, and door knobs can make a noticeable difference on the look of a room.

Hardwood and Tile Floors

Hardwood floors are an extremely popular feature, so consider installing new hardwood floors if you have carpet or laminate flooring and want to sell your home for a little more. If you already have hardwood floors, refinishing them will also add value to your home. Newly refinished hardwood floors can unify a home’s look, tying it together with a common theme. If the kitchen has laminate floors instead of tile or hardwood, consider installing tile flooring. The same goes with bathrooms—tile floors also improve the value of a home compared to laminate flooring.

If you think that your home needs any of these upgrades, contact a home renovations expert in Ottawa for a consultation. They can add value to your home by upgrading it with modern styles.

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