Carpet cleaning Ottawa professionals have the know-how to keep your carpets looking brand-new.

Top Tips For Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning Advice For Use At Home Despite our best intentions and efforts, carpets are a challenge to keep clean. Daily wear and tear, accidents, spills, pet hair, and dirt—it all seems to appear out of nowhere. Regular professional cleanings are recommended to prolong the life of your carpeting. There are many things you […]

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Home renovations in Ottawa can add value for resale.

Boost Property Value With Home Renovations

Reliable Home Renovations That Will Add Value To Your Home Any home renovation project will add value to your home, especially if the renovations improve the overall look and function of your home. In a housing market as stable and steady as Ottawa’s, it’s key for your home to stand out against the crowd if […]

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Commercial cleaning services in Ottawa can help businesses reach their full potential.

How Clean Workplaces Boost Productivity

Commercial cleaning services in Ottawa can improve productivity in the workplace Most people do not enjoy working in dirty or cluttered environments. Dirt and clutter are distracting, not to mention health and safety hazards. If you want to impress clients, ensure worker health and safety, and improve productivity in the workplace, make sure your workplace […]

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Hardwood floor refinishing in Ottawa is a common procedure, but knowing when to do it is important.

Common Causes of Hardwood Floor Damage

Consider Hardwood Floor Refinishing If Your Floors Are Damaged Hardwood floors look great, but over time they tend to lose their luster. This loss of glossy finish is due to the common wear and tear of movement in homes. In an older city like Ottawa, hardwood floors are not only beautiful, they’re surprisingly common. If […]

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